About Us

We are two Photographers who met, fell in love and left London for life in the wilds of the French Pyrenees. We started Essence de la vie in 2016 to share our passion for photography and to document the moments that make weddings such extraordinary adventures.

We’re lucky to love our work. We get to travel together and meet amazing people in incredible places, helping shape memories to last forever. We love telling stories, getting lost in the hills, swimming in rivers and falling asleep under the stars.

Pyrennees essence de la vie winter

Our Approach

Working together is a dream for us, and having different perspectives as photographers brings something unique to the way we can document a wedding. Photography is all about telling stories, and together our photographs tell the story of people, places, joy and love.

We’ll always choose natural light over flash, outside to inside, something genuine to something staged.


We look forward to hearing from you