Doriane & Nicolas
L’égance même au
Château de Roques

The Château de Roques looks out across the Ariège and the Aude departments towards the jagged peaks of the Pyrenees mountains. With its cypress trees, hanging gardens and classic architecture, the castle epitomises southern France in the summer and the hubbub and excitement that greeted us as we pulled up told us the wedding preparations were in full swing. Doriane and Nicolas welcomed us as friends and as the day unfolded we joined in the wedding party.

The wedding ceremony took place in Puivert, a little village nestled beneath a 14th century Cathar castle, first at the Mairie and then at the beautiful old church in the main square. After the ceremonies, it was off to the Chateau de Puivert for an apero before we made our way back to the Chateau de Roques for the evening festivities. The stormy skies were magnificent. Puivert feels like the meeting point between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees mountains and the guests toasted the newlyweds as the drama unfolded above and thunder echoed down the valley. The spectacular skies followed us back towards Mirepoix but somehow the sun never stopped shining. There was another toast on the terrace at the Chateau de Roques before the music started up and the canapes whirled.

We sat down to eat and to listen to the speeches merrily clinking glasses with those around us. A lovely atmosphere settled over the party as Doriane, looking resplendent in her wedding dress and her handsome Nicolas took centre stage. The food was amazing, as were the cakes, wine and of course the pièce montée, but it was the young couple at the centre of it all that truly stole the show.