Laïla & Antoine
Château St-Michel

Watching the way they looked at each other as Laïla made her way down the spiral staircase, you knew that it was going to be a special day. The guests gathered on the lush green lawns in front of the Chateau St-Michel in the Ariège department of the French Pyrénées talking excitedly as the sense of anticipation grew until Laila dressed in a stunning bridal gown and accompanied by her father emerged from the great doors of the old Chateau, stepping into the bright sunshine. As she made her way between the aisles of chairs and flowers, Antoine stood waiting for her at the front beaming happily.

Emotion flowed as they made their vows and there was many a teary eye in the house, before as per tradition, Antoine stamped on a glass and with that they were married and the festivities began. There was dancing and laughing and joy abound before a fantastic dinner served on the poolside terrace and as the party thronged around them, at the heart of it all was the newlyweds, hand in hand and very much in love.

Wedding Cake

Fist Dance

Chateau Saint Michel at night